GRAS natural

Welcome to GRAS natural. We are a small family business located in Western Pennsylvania. Our Goats Milk soap, Goats milk lotion and beard care products are all made with natural ingredients. The goats milk we use is collected daily right here on our farm, GRAS acres. We take time to make our products so that they make you look and feel your natural best.

Take a look around and maybe stay awhile. In the menu below you will find our products, My View from the Goat Pen is a weekly (hopefully, no promises) blog, Down on the Farm will give you an inside look at GRAS acres and our life here on the farm and the link to our facebook page that we share with our farm GRAS acres please drop by there to see the girls who make GRAS products possible.

Don’t forget to leave us some words of wisdom in the comments section and please come on back. We will be adding more products and weekly posts.

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